Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sermon Jan. 24, 2008

Hey, Everybody!

It's me Che' president of the Hugo Chavez Church of Endogenous Peoples a division of HRW Inc. A lot of people are probably wondering what's going on and why we are having our coming together 4 the people assembly of sisters and brothers on Thursdays instead of on another day like Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Well the reason is because we are a DIFFERENT kind of church and as far as we can tell nobody else does there thing on Thursdays. Also a lot of you probably want to go to other churches too and stuff and because we want to make sure to not cause problems for you we schedule our assemblies at 10 AM on Thursdays.

I know many of you are going to ask: "What's so Great about the Hugo Chavez Church of Endogenous Peoples?" Well I am going to tell you. Because we are really really rich and stuff we don't ask you to give any money EVER. If you want to make a LOVE GIFT that's cool but I have a lot of money now.

Also we never tell you what to do EVER! When you come to the assembly where whatever you want even if it does not conform to your so called biological identity or something. The only thing I ask is that you always wear a beret when your in the assembly to show that you are a part of the INVISIBLE GLOBAL COMMUNITY. Because here at the Church of Endogenous peoples everybody except Kip and the Republicans is welcome. Even Todd Turk. Also everybody needs to take a class on banner making.

My wife Molly has a few things to say:
Hey! If you are interested in yoga there is a sign-up sheet going
around for a class I am teaching. It's completely for free. All you
need is to do is make sure you put on one of these berets before you come to
class. Thanks.

AWESOME MOLLY! I don't know if I told you this before but Molly can actually bend backward and put her feet on her head. Show them how you can do that Molly! AWESOME!

Anyway, I see that a couple of you forgot to wear your berets to the assembly. There are more berets in the back of the room. Also make sure you bring a musical instrument from now on.


Anyway I am dissapointed that Father Tim has still not come to any of the Churhc of Endogenous Peoples a division of HRW Inc. meetings. If some of the Brigade Commando Squadron Task Force Flame members can see if you can locate Father Tim and make sure he puts on a Beret I would be most appreciative. Heh... heh... hehh.... I mean COOL. AWESOME and STUFF. Bwaha.... bwaaaahahhaaahahahahha.....


Prysbetera-Capaoral Dawn W. said...

Hey there Che!

I really enjoyed hangin' out with you guys the other night, especially with you and Molly.

Except, the day befor I had a conference with Deacon Bernadette, and then I hung with you two, and now I have this really nasty rash.

Mychcal the Usher said...


Mychal the Usher said...


My e-mail is absolutly full of things from you, except they all say "Obey..beret..Pay"