Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Getting Married again except this time it's for real!

Hey! Now that I am really rich again I decided to get married. So me and Molly are heading up to Gatlinburg right now. I'm not sure where we are going to register but, I think it's at Joann's Fabrics because if it's one thing you can't have too much of its felt.

Oh, if anybody knows Molly's last name can you tell me because I forgot what it is and I am too embarrassed to ask. I think it was something like Mooney or Looney or Clooney or something that ended with a double e sound.

Anyway I am also supposed to stop by some secret laboratory in New Tazewell for my new duties as Chief Operating Officer of HRW International Inc. It was pretty cool how they voted me in as president and stuff because I have never heard of them before or anything. The first thing I am going to do is donate lots and lots of money to Ralph Nader's Green Party. I am also going to make windmills and stuff.

Father Tim, what happened last night, I thought you were going to come by or something? I mean we had a blast making banners and singing songs by Prince.


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