Sunday, January 20, 2008

Homily, Sunday, January 20

OCP Cycle A 012008 SJ/2

My dear friends in the Spirit,

In today's readings we are reminded our our need to be church to one another. In the first reading from Isaiah, we hear the prophet recognize the need for Social Justice, with particular focus on anti-semitism. Then we were treated to a beautiful rendition of the responsorial psalms, which was wonderfully representative of the fine liturgical music contained in the Oregon Catholic Press Breaking Bread Missal.

In the second reading, we hear Paul explain that we are all brothers and sisters. Further, Paul points out that all you have to do is call on Jesus' name to be saved.

Finally, in the Gospel, we see how Jesus was baptized by John, which is an allegory for the need for the laity to become more involved in the administration of the parish or faith community and the need to avoid clericalism.

Now, all of this was brought home to me in the last week [Hey everybody! This is the part where I get to say my own thoughts. Boy what a week - but first off, I have to apologize to anyone who was assaulted by the Gyno-Lesbians. It sure was a good thing that the Hugo Chavez Fan Club was here to take control of the situation. And I have to apologize to the Gyno-Lesbians for any ill-treatment they might have received as they were asked to not be church with us. The Hugo Chavez fan club is on fire with the Spirit, and sometimes they go a little too far in helping people to be more peaceable. Also, I've got some good news! Dr. Argot has made a generous anonymous donation to SOV2, with only the condition that we fire Clyde Hummins. So, Clyde, sorry to break it to you, but you can't be church with us anymore. Fidel? Raul - please escort Clyde from the liturgical interior. Thanks a bunch. Oh... sorry - Kip is winking at me and that means it's time to wrap the part where I get to talk about what I want]. It was clear to me that all you have to do is call on Jesus' name to be saved.

But, the spirit speaks to us in many ways. I was reminded of [that time that I fell out of a tree]

So, my sisters and brothers and nonspecific gender metaphorical siblings, let us open our minds, and ears to the spirit, and find ways to put into practice the constant admonition to be good stewards of the earth, to be church to one another, to enact reform of our institutions, and to seek above all to bring the spirit into the dark places of our own hearts.


Saergenta Macha Schreckilches said...

Dym Tim--

On fire with the spirit is one thing, but setting fire to our custom resored M-8 Armored Car was another, and so was roasing Wolstonecraft, our prize muskoxen over it!

On the bright side, Episcoposa Perile did wake up from her short lived coma, and is expected to regain full use of her limbs. she's upset, however, that the doctors have perscribed a high protien, weight gain diet. (She maintains that it's simply an attempt to increase the size of her bosom--in solidarity with her all of us, and the Gaian Harmonic Convergance have decided to get augmentation surgery.)

It was funny, however, watching Agent Jones run like anything from outraged Muskoxen, while Agent smith just laughed.

Well, see you next Sun(goddess)day and we'll send a wrecker for whats left of our vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Hey Che--

What the heck has gone wrong with your e-mail?

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Anonymous,

I ran the hrobert_backup.exe file on my ipod and it kind of took over my e-mail for a while or something because I think it searched through my mailbox and started to send out emails to everybody with copies of itself or something. I was going to ask Nguyen about it but I forgot.

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Che, I was *snzaipplphritxap!

I-r-Son-Inlaw said...

HEy, a, woa, I was looken round and smoke when I found dis blog. I wud wondering if ya'll got a get boob jobs to join da cult?

Agent Smith said...

No need to send anybody after the vehicle. It was an illegal vehicle anyways, and so has become property of the United States Government. We will use it in tactical drills.

Agent Smith