Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I am now investigating, in addition to my ongoing investigation of Dr. al-Fakkir, the strange problems now occurring with all computer transmissions in the Knoxville area. They seem to tie back to a file called "hrobert_backup.exe" I am currently tracing the source... which seems to tie to a certain personage, formerly of SOV2, now running a new church (and company) in the area. This personage will remain unnamed for now.

Agent Smith


Barry Cooper said...

I was one of the lucky ones... the first batch of berets malfunctioned and some of us escaped... they're digging some sort of "vault" and they keep talking about "Endology" and a ship to the "noosphere." They're making everybody wear really tight leather pants... I just wanted to play the bongos... I... oh no! They're after me... somebody... anybody... HELP!

Elightened Capaoral Dawn W. said...

We've got you now, you apostate scum!

I love being a commando!