Monday, January 14, 2008

Bad news.

hey everybody. i'm feeling pretty depressed. in fact this is the first time i've done anything in about a weak. Kerri and i broke up. i don't really want to talk about it because she was really cool and now i realize that i am just a stupid loser and stuff. anyway, my dad is really mad at me and so he cut off the special allowance he was giving me and so i am back at the londontowne apartments if anybody is looking for me except i don;t know why anyone would want to talk to a LOSER like me because i am really just feeling pretty stupid and stuff.


Deacon Bernadette Carnahan said...
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Deacon Bernadette Carnahan said...

Dearest brother Che,

Remember that Kerri, though special, is but a tiny section of the broad, rich, varied tapestry that is our love lives at any given time. When my primary partner left me this past spring, I felt lost without her. I could not lean on my secondary partner as much as I would have liked, since he has a wife and children and little time for me. I decided to take a vow of celibacy, and nine months later I feel refreshed and my capacity to love is renewed. Also my herpes outbreak is gone.

Remember that you are a good and worthy person, and that God has another out there for you, though your next great love(s) may not be readily obvious. It's also okay to forget your sorrow in temporary companionship. Maybe try AdultFriendFinder.

God is wise, and She gave us safer sex practices for a reason!


Deacon B.

Father Tim said...

Hey Ché! Great news! Boy, was I worried about you... I didn't want to interfere with your valid life choices, but that Kerri person really interfered with your ability to be church with us. And remember - no-one is a loser who can make felt banners like you can! Cheer up! Why don't you come over to SOV2 and take a couple of turns around the meditation maze.

By the way, although I mentioned above that you make great felt banners, Kip has asked me to point out that since you haven't been accredited by the OCP, we can no longer hang your banners up in SOV2.

Peace out!

Mychal, the Usher said...


You're right, you are a loser! In fact, you've lost a blood sucking groupie who was bad for your self esteem!

Perhaps it's time to realize, that one such as your self should broaden ones horizons, and take a page from Deacon Carnahans book--go with a secondary partner, one who will not have invasive needs, or a nature essentially contrary to your own

Why don't we go down to the Blue Oyster for drinks and talk, I'm sure I can help you out.

Beside, I have some lovely tea from Humbolt county CA, and you know that's kool!

Che' Lovell said...

hey, thanks everybody for trying to cheer me up. the fact is we went to this marriage prep class from the church of reason. anyway the lady there was like why do you want to marry this guy because he hasn't ever done anything at all with his life and he is really just a leach and stuff and kerri said yah that's about true but he makes me laugh and stuff and she said yah but that's a stupid reason to marry someone because you are basically just giving into a base animal instinct and if he can't enlighten you or form a valid partnership based on mutual self-independence anad actualization than you are really lying to yourself and not confronting the actual but illusioning yourself. and i was like hey don't i get to say anything and kerri was like che you're really to stupid to understand what we're talking about and i was like that's not true and then kerri said think about it so i did and i figured out she's probably right.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mychal (as in Judge?),

What's the big idea of telling Che' to "take a page from Deacon Carnahans book"? Why would he want to copy her and get his carcass loaded up with V.D.? That lovely but too vivacious clergychick has got "Herpes, the Love Bug," from promiscuity.

Che', old boy, it's time for abstinence until marriage.

Agent Jones

Mychal said...

My Dear Agent Jones--

just because YOU can't get a date is no reason to discourage others! Herpes is a disease like any other, and to stimatize it is to spread it.

And, where do you get off, calling me judgmental?

Che, did you know I have a hot tub big enough for

Anonymous said...

When I wrote, "Mychal (as in Judge?)," it should have been obvious that I was not calling you "judgmental," sir [if I may use that title to a guy with Same-Sex Attraction Disorder (SSAD)].

Instead, I thought everyone would realize that I was hinting that you had adopted that silly spelling (Mychal) in honor of Father Mychal Judge, who (rightly or wrongly) is considered a "patron saint" of the gay-priest crowd. You can read about him here.

Agent Jones

ignorant redneck said...

Agent Jones--

The conceptual violence and apparent homophobia of your words gives me a cold chill. Obviously you wish for the bad old days of the FBI-Gestapo!

I spell my name Mychal because that's what it says on my drivers licence. So there, you big bully!

Why don't you go and...violate your own civil rights!!

It's obvious that you have nothing but contempt for St. Mychal the Martyr.

Anonymous said...

Dear IR (the real IR):
Did you notice that "Mychal" falsely posted a message with your handle? Hoo, boy! Is he in trouble with you now!

Dear "Mychal": You're wrong, buddy. I don't have contempt for Fr. Judge. Having read the facts about him in the Bureau's archives, I have concluded that either:
(1) he was actually "straight" or
(2) he had SSAD, but was chaste and thus "anti-gay."
The word, "gay," does not refer to ALL homosexuals, but only to those that are pro-sodomy activists.

Agent Jones