Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Todd Turk


Just to let you know I found out Todd is fine. He went to re-education camp someplace in Oregon. What makes me mad is he borrowed my emergency credit card my dad loaned me to finance the trip and now it's maxed out which was pretty embarassing for me New Year's when I took Kerri out. I mean usually she pays but I wanted to pay this time and then it was like "Mr. Lovell do you have a different card?" Only I hardly ever take more than one card because its hard to put more than one card in my leather pants pockets because they are so tight and stuff. And also they make my shape look funny. And also I only keep my keys in my jacket pocket so I don't lose them.

Anyway. Happy New Year to everybody!



krncheecon said...

Hi People,
Happy fresh start day to you all. Although I live in the urban concrete jungle, I powerfully hear all your fine messages. I dig your hands-on approach. Here in the jungle, side by side with mister brownstone and his unindicted co-conspirators (who have infiltrated not just here but even CA!), we believe very much in learning by doing. And that is not just a lot of talking. In all reality, we know how to talk the walk. And we don't let anyone change that or take it away from us without coming down on them like a ton of bricks, above all. In our experience of survival and celebrating all we have accomplished, resisting infiltration from hearts which are not pure enough for us and likely brainwashed by hierarchical baggage, what I can say to you, I do say, which is only that when you struggle in charity to fully integrate Todd when he rains on your brotherhood parade via those pesky old wounds, what you probably need in all reality is more triangle.
word up.

Deacon Bernadette Carnahan said...

Please tell me that you meant to write "pleather." Murdering our animal friends for their skins isn't church.