Sunday, January 6, 2008

Important Clarification

To whom it may concern:

This blog is a PARODY blog. The characters here are all fictional. It is not intended to be spiteful or cruel to any particular individual or group of individuals.

We welcome comments when they are made in the "spirit" of the blog. We tolerate comments when someone has an issue with us. We insist people do not use this blog to attack each other.

"Cyber-Stalking" is an inapropriate means of confronting problems. As recent events in the news show, it can have very serious consequences for all involved. In no way could it every be considered appropriate for a Catholic to engage in that sort of activity. If someone here is involved in cyber-stalking I urge that person to find a way to deal with their grievances in an open, honest, and charitable manner.


ignorant redneck said...

I feel at this point I must set some things straight. In the comment section of "Back from DC" there are several comments attributed to my Web Moniker--only the first was posted by me.

One has copied my profile onto this site.

Others, with more or less inteligiblity, seem to be an attept to make me angry, or something.

I do not know the source of these comments, and wish to disassociate myself from them. And, from that mentality.

I do request that the moderator of this blog leave them up: They speak for themselves.

paramedicgirl said...

I was harassed once a few months ago by an anonymous blogger. I used Sitemeter to identify him, then I publicized that info in a post. He backed off, deleted his blog, and left me alone. SOV2 could do the same, if he is using their blog to attack you, IR.