Sunday, January 27, 2008

Homily, Sunday, January 27

OCP Cycle A 012708 SJ/7b

My dear friends in the Spirit,

In today's readings we are reminded our our need to be church to one another. In the first reading from Isaiah, we hear the psalmist recognize the need for Social Justice, with particular focus on redlining roads at the rental car agency to stigmatize certain neighborhoods. Then we were treated to a beautiful rendition of the responsorial psalms, which was wonderfully representative of the fine liturgical music contained in the Oregon Catholic Press Breaking Bread Missal.

In the second reading, we hear Paul explain that people who preach shouldn't baptize also. Further, Paul points out that you shouldn't trust Chloe's people, because they are tattlers.

Finally, in the Gospel, we see how Jesus went into hiding when John was arrested, which is an allegory for the need for people to provide bail money for their friends if they get arrested, and also a social commentary on the oppressiveness of extradition treaties.

Now, all of this was brought home to me in the last week [when I found out that only me and Fr. Chad are running for Bishop of Knoxville. I've got some really exciting news! Fr. Chad and I are going to do a televised debate, which will be monitored by Stacy McCloud of the local CBS station. This is really really exciting! First of all, I'm going to spank Fr. Chad - you remember that debate where I debated Christopher Hitchins? Well - you know I'm a great debator. Basically, you can already count on me being Bishyp of Knoxville. Also, Stacy McCloud is a total hottie. Hubba hubba! Normally I don't get to see her because her show comes on at five in the morning.]. It was clear to me that you shouldn't trust Chloe's people, because they are tattlers.

But, the spirit speaks to us in many ways. I was reminded of [when Peevee ate H. Robert Williams' brain. Actually, I am reminded of that all the time, because for some reason, Peevee has decided to start doing an H. Robert Williams impersonation. I don't know if he thinks its funny or what, but it's mostly really irritating. I have to say though, he's pretty good at it. He's been writing these funny mission statements - they are so H Robert. I mean, he's always talking about the Noosphere and things like that.]

So, my sisters and brothers and nonspecific gender metaphorical siblings, let us open our minds, and ears to the spirit, and find ways to put into practice the constant admonition to be good stewards of the earth, to be church to one another, to enact reform of our institutions, and to seek above all to bring the spirit into the dark places of our own hearts.


Mychyla, the usher formerly known as Mychal. said...

But Father Tim,

I already brought light into all my dark places by eating those cactuses that che's friend left at my house!

And isn't it sexist just to single out Choes people as tattlers? Wasn't judas a tattler and he was a guy!

radtradchad said...

Remember, O Fr. Plarvik, who you lost to at Theology Trivia in seminary? Do you know any convolutions for the Tetragrammaton? I didn't think so.

-Fr. Chadwick LeJanvier, SSLI

Father Tim said...

Fr. Chad - all I've got to say to you is...

Bring it!

Peace out!