Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Just some quick tidbits as I'm currently on a super secret project that's taking up much of my time:

The Listo Malpermesitaro has a new entry:

Eastward, Catholic Soldiers: F, H, NLU, POD

I could barely bring myself to enter that one with the use of the word "soldiers". I think it's an Orthodox site or something like that.

Great news from the National Catholic Reporter:

Concerns about bottled water are bubbling up in Catholic organizations, adding clout to a growing number of cities and secular organizations worried about the issue -- with women religious strongly in the lead. Numerous women’s religious orders are banning bottled water at their motherhouses, retreat houses and conference centers, and some are substituting refillable water bottles for the throw-away kind at sponsored events.

Works like this are an obvious reason why the patriarchy doesn't want womyn to be priests. They have a better instinctive understanding of what's really important.

And there's worrying news about the radtraddy menace. It looks like the diocese of Nashville has fallen:

Tridentine rite returns to Nashville Diocese
SPARTA. Women with black lace veils dripping loosely from their head knelt quietly and read along in their missals with Father Fred Schmit, S.D.S., as he said the prayers of the Mass in Latin.

Would that I had known that this was going to happen. I would have been there to tell them that "THIS IS SPARTA. And we do not need a return to the outlawed ways of yesteryear."

Dym Tim you're doing such a wonderful job. I knew that the OCP would be a big hit. And Che' just remember that Gaea is the only one you can give your heart to without danger. And Agent Smith... tell the park rangers to leave Dym Aspen alone. There is such a thing as seperation of church and State so they cannot interfere in our syblyngs ministering to creation.


Ima Perile, Episcoposa said...


"Syb" Bob, Dym Tim, you WILL NOT simply declare that "everybody loves the OCP 'liturgies'. Oppressive Capitalist Publishing can't, by definition, do liturgy, because liturgy is the work of the PEOPLE! and OCP is a CORPERATION!

Once again, we behold the truth about SOV2--men have usurped the work of the Spyryt, to undermine the gyno-reformation that She started, to sell us out to the Corperations that ravage our Mother, The Earth. Do you have any idea how many trees OCP destroys each year, just to print disposable seasonal misselettes, and annual worship booklets? Whcih mostly wind up in landfils that illegally destroy the waters Earths Children Drink!

See! Men have taken all the positions of wielding power in SOV2, even selecting Deacon priestesshood candidates according to their appearance and erotic availability!

And those dress codes! Bourgoise selections of safe expressions of canned political positions to kill the spyryt!

Next Sunday we WILL be there. We WILL be carrying our pepper gas, tasers and domme crops. And, in an expression of solidarity with those who you co-opt by exclusion, you will know who we are by what we wear!

We will express our solidarity with those who are TRUELY GREEN, our Hindu Systers, our Islamic systers (who steadfastly refuse to be visual toys for you men!) our Rainbow Family systers oppresses farmers and craftswomyn by wearing 100%organic, recycled, naturally pigmented, hand spun/woven tie-dyed hemp burkas! And wo betide any male, or brainwashed female who attempts to stop our righteous freeing of the lirurgy from corperate enslavement.

Agent Smith, we have all relevant permits, so don't try to get fascistic on us or we'll sue you into penury! OH, BTW is agent Jones enjoying the surveillace cams he put in our temple of relaxation and systerbonding? We know about them!

Saergenta Macha Scheckilches, Amazonian Gyno-Milita said...

And, not only that! I have taken councel with Episoposa Perile, and we will be there too!

Further more, we have decided also to show solidarity with tribal wymyn by bringing our tatoo guns, scarification tools and muskoxen!

You will recognize us by our camoflage 100% recycled, organically grown, hand spun and woven naurally pigmented hempen combat burkas!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bishopess Puerile:

You seem to think that our cameras were installed for voyeuristic purposes. Nothing could be further from the truth! They exist to prevent your kind from getting away with developing anti-Western, anti-masculine (i.e., subversive, treasonous) plots.

You gals are the epitome of delusional narcissism if you think that us red-blooded males would enjoy watching any "systerbonding" that involved your flabby, wrinkled keisters.

Make sure you get a full set of burkhas in the various colors of the liturgical season, y'hear?

xoxoxo (not),
Agent Jones

William J. Bryan, esq Knox County Prosecutor. said...

Agent Jones,

This is to inform you that you are to face arraignment in the Knox County courthouse, room W.

You are charged with illegal wiretaping, Illegal surviellance, violation of privacy, Illegal Entry and Intimidation.

Ms. Perile comments were added at the request of the Knox county DA, in order to see if you would incriminate yourself--we had no idea who put those Radio Shack Cameras in the closet.

We do not think your anticipated defense of "national security" will hold up, as the feeds from these cameras and microphones lead to a my space account.

The Offices of Chill, Blain, Col, Dsores and Suffrin, Attornies at Law said...

Agent Jones--

This is to inform you that a complaint has been filed by our office with the Human Relations, Equal Opportunity Office in the Knox county Federal building, for sexist speech.

Further, you are also being sued for defamation: a six foot, 7 inches tall vegan cannot, by definition, be called flabby, when she weights 102 pounds!