Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vernal Equinox Schedule

Sisters and Brothers.

Here is the schedule for the festivities for March 20th. As you can see it will be a busy and joyous day!

6:00 AM, Morning sunrise salute to the sun (gather at 5:30 AM for donuts and coffee)
6:30 AM, Special talk on Eastern Religious Meditation practices by PeeVee
8:00 AM, Service of Regret for crimes against the Earth and Indigenous Peoples, ashes will be distributed for you to throw at republicans to show that they should be ashamed of themselves
9:00 AM, dedication of new John F. Kennedy Faith Formation Wing with Phil Donahue
10:00 AM, Symposium begins with demonstration of adaptation of Table of Plenty arranged for nontraditional instruments
11:00 AM, Social Justice committee talk on importance of consolidating labor union with government
12:00 PM, Mass of Joy, clowns and balloons with Liturgy of Communion of Unity (Special organic rice cakes and fermented coca plants instead of traditional species)
1:00 PM, Meal of Solidarity with indigenous people and migrant laborers on SOV2 grounds - (V.I.P. meet in rectory)
2:00 PM, Drawing of names for new pastoral council
3:00 PM, Presentation of Lifetime Achievement award to Robert Mapplethorpe
4:00 PM, Special Town hall meeting - codifying dietary practices in modern faith communities
5:00 PM, First annual Spirit of Vatican 2 liturgical dance competition
6:00 PM, Mass of Tomorrow - celebrating a future full of possibilities and progress
7:00 PM, Lighting of the Vernal Bonfire

H. Robert Williams

P.S.: Please avoid walking directly under the rocket perched above the gathering space as large chunks of ice have been falling off it in recent days especially since the sudden departure of the liquid hydrogen tankers.


Anonymous said...

"3:00 PM, Presentation of Lifetime Achievement award to Robert Mapplethorpe"

The Bureau will be very curious to witness how this will occur, given the fact that this prevert passed away in 1989.

Agent Jones

Anonymous said...

Agent Jones,

Though posthumous... We will commune with his spirit.

Glyssa Ning Sprite