Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hello Once Again

Greetings to all of you at SOV2. It is I, Fr. Curt Kane, and I have returned. It is a pleasure to be here in Knoxville again, and I'm sure you will be most pleased to know that I and the Brothers of Love will be in attendance at tomorrow's celebration of the Equinox. In the name of Gaia, let us open ourselves up to sacrificial giving and make a love offering of our selves, our time, and mostly our treasure. The Brothers and I will be taking up a special collection for the poor of Appalachia tomorrow, so please bring your checkbooks and jewelry to SOV2.

Also, while driving into Knoxville, we saw an itinerant vagrant person wandering on I-40 who looked vaguely familiar. When we stopped the caravan, we found that it was Todd Turk. Todd is now traveling with us and will be at SOV2 tomorrow as well.

Until tomorrow,

I remain,

Fr. Curt Kane

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