Saturday, March 15, 2008

Symposium on Nontraditional Instruments in Religious Service Settings

Sisters and Brothers!

What excitement there is! About six months ago, we put our names into the list to bid on the International Symposium on Nontraditional Instruments in Religious Service Settings. The organizers of this wonderful academic conference have chosen us over St. Joan's to host the event which kicks off on March 20th.

The best part is the daily workshop/demonstration. The parishioners of SOV2 will be treated to a delight as they hear many familiar old favorite traditional hymns (Table of Plenty, Companions on a Journey, City of God, Imagine) and new songs of devotion ("Sing out Womyn!", "Shout a big joyful shout!") arranged for nontraditional instruments such as kazoo, didgeridoo as well as the toe-bells, steel drum, police sirens, clickers and garbage cans.

We are also working on having a fullfledged "Mass of Joy" but I have not heard from Father Tim to see if we can arrange it with his busy schedule. As you know the "Mass of Joy" feature many clowns and balloons.

H. Robert

P.S.: Several dozen liquid hydrogen trucks arrived today. I'm not sure who ordered the liquid hydrogen; so if it was you, please call the parish office as we need to make space for the extra parking we will need for the various groups coming on March 20th.


A. Parish Oner said...

That liquid hydrogen is mine--just have them pull around behind the building where Dym Tim is going to light the bonfire. From there we were planning to spray it around before the procession to the bonfire to have a stream of fog and clouds for Dym Tim to enter onto the scene.

Cygnus said...

If there's no parts for nose flute, count me out.