Saturday, March 8, 2008


Sisters and Brothers,

As I gradually supplant Peevee's consciousness with my own, I feel I am really starting to get back in the swing of things. This new arrangement, I think, really has afforded me a unique and valuable perspective and I must say, being eaten may have been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Unfortunately, I have done some things in the past which I in retrospect, I really honestly regret. For example, planning the destruction of the world with Nano-robots and putting malicious spyware on the SOV2 mainframe, trying to backup my consciousness by writing it into Windows Vista, ghost writing Saturday Night Live Skits.

But what is regret? Why do we have regrets? Who should have regrets? Why don't more people have regrets? These are all very important questions that we should be asking ourselves at this time, especially with the destruction of the world so imminent (see Nano-robot regret above).

Despite the fact or perhaps because I was a professor and Department Head of Theology at a Catholic University in the lower midwest, I have come to the remarkable that regret is something that is actually just spiritual dead wood. Regret was a tool of the old Priest-Riddled Church of the past. When we regret what we are doing is holding onto the past and refusing to let go. We are becoming slaves to the past-self instead of becoming masters of the future-self. Progress does not have time for regrets. Progress means hope. Progress means change. Progress means believing in something which does not exist yet. Progress means believing in the future. And believing in the future means progress.

It is like that line in one of my favorite movies "Love Story" - love means never having to say your sorry. Love means - no regrets.

And so, when we embrace an idea of excellence and progress. When we commit ourselves to excellence and progress we need to throw off these shackles and just say "That was in the past" it's time to "move on" and vote for Barak Obama because he is young and enthusiastic and he represents real change.

You might be saying, what's the good of that because the nano-robots will probably have destroyed the earth by then thanks to you H. Robert Williams... but again, you aren't embracing the future. You're not commiting yourself to excellence. You are putting shackles on people.

It's time we look beyond the past and into the future, a future of hope where we can believe in a New America and a New Dream and harness the power of invention by investing in Green Power and Working Americans.

H. Robert Williams

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