Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Curt Jester is a tool of Dick Cheney!

Friends of both Endology and those S.P. still enslaved by the oppression of 2,000 years of ossification under the Teutonic dictatorship of Roman Fascism yet open to the message of the vision.

We have been calumniated by the ultimate papist the Curt Jester:

Cleary, this is in fact an attempt to affect the upcoming elections for the Bishop of Knoxville and/or prevent the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibit from coming to SOV2 on March 20th. Coincidentally, March 20th is also the kick off date for the H.R.I. project Damocles.

I mean, he says we've lost our personalities or something... which is just pretty mean and stuff. Its like he's saying that basically the fact I've been wearing this beret has had some effect on the way I think. I am pretty sure that he is in fact a Republican or something because...

... I mean....

I miss Father Tim. ... he was awesome and stuff and basically now, the beret doesn't let me write any poetry or anything. It's like it's one of those horse riding peope or something. It's not church anymore. I was going to call Krystal and see if she could maybe put...


Okay! I hearby relegate and condemn the Curt Jester and his minions to the third level of the Noosphere which is that place that nobody is supposed to ever go. They are not allowed under any circumstances to enter the Intergalactic Vehicle Project until they have put on a beret and have memorized "Confronting Your Inner Bigot" a book available on-line from Villanoce college.



Deacon Bernadette Carnahan said...

Ché, even I'm confused now, and I'm nearly done with my PhD in Religious Pluralism from Georgetown.

Che' Lovell said...

Well deacon,

Basically the problem is that the beret kind of tells me what to do all the time and stuff and most of the stuff I've been saying is pretty much what it tells me to say which I basically don't understand very much anyway.

But lately it's been kind of busy on other stuff but if it finds out that I'm doing something it doesn't want me to do it gives me a big electrical jolt and stuff.

Woah... hold on its starting to buzz. Got to run...