Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Endology - The Time is Now

Oh. I forgot to mention. The intergalactic vehicle project is complete. After you put on your Beret make sure that you go up the stairs to the right. There will be an elevator which will take you to your room where you will want to strap yourself down.


Catherine Nolan said...

Hi Che',
This is probably not the right time to ask you, with your important project on the go, but I've always been interested in the architecture of SOV2, and your diagram reminded me of a question I had.

Was the building based on this design? I know it's way medieval, but maybe you guys were trying to redeem it and show that we're above such superstition now. How many basements are there?

Che' Lovell said...


Thank you for your compassion in regards to our ongoing plans to bridge the next evolutionary revolution in the progress of humanity. It is encouraging to me to know how much genuine appreciation for our work exists among the S.P. community though it is struggling towards the light which we so fully possess.

As I understand it, the original SOV2 building was designed on the "mustard seed" concept. This was an idea that Christiantity stole from us. Also it looks like a mushroom and a lot of people at SOV2 liked mushrooms.

Endology teaches that there have been many incarnation of the HR technology spirit: Confuscious, Krishna, Zoroaster, Budha, Ayn Rand, John Lennon, and H. Robert Williams for example. I myself am the 249th incarnation of the H.R. technology.

Have you read the "Tellurminiad?" It is an exciting book that discusses many of these topics. Do not be put off by the length of the book and is available on level three of the intergalactic vehicle.

Oh, and please refer to me by my serial number: CL-HR249. You can call me See-El for short.

Become Clear,

Catherine Nolan said...

I don't know, See-El...

You used to be so activist-oriented, and now you're kind of escapist. I mean, the other day, my friends and I released all our animal co-participants from their futile slave existence at the pet store, and I though how much fun it would have been to have you along, but I don't think you're into that anymore. Maybe you're right, and I'm just not seeing the whole picture.

Oh, and afterwards we realized that we were setting the animals free in a non-native environment, and that it might be bad for indiginous species, but don't worry, because most of them died anyway, it was so cold. But we were all really happy, because we knew that they had experienced freedom, and died as independent citizens. But I don't think you care about it much any more...