Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hey! I'm the Bishop!

Hey everybody! I've been up all night thinking about how cool it is that I'm the Bishop of Knoxville. So let's get started right away. With my new power as Bishop, I officially declare the following people to be saints:

Rob Lowe: Patron Saint of Video Production
Phil Donohue: Patron Saint of People Who Ask Questions
Martin Sheen: Patron Saint of Ohio
Charles Curran: Patron Saint of People Who Answer Questions
Richard McBrien: Patron Saint of Condom Manufacturers
Andrew Sullivan: Patron Saint of Gay Nightclub Owners
Joseph O'Leary: Patron Saint of Circus Novelty Vendors
Stacy McCloud: Patron Saint of Knoxville
Dorothy Day: Patron Saint of the Appalachian Regions
Doris Day: Patron Saint of 1950's Movies
Albert Gore, Jr.: Patron Saint of Hot-Air Balloonists
Dr. Argot's cousin Ricky Argot: Patron Saint of Collection-Basket Weavers

Also, I declare today to be "The Feast of the Election of Tim Plarvik", and anyone who comes to SOV2 or makes an internet donation will receive 14 carbon offsets.

Now let's get out there and wash some feet!

Peace out!

1 comment:

diana said...

Oh how funny! I am sorry I haven't visited as often as I wanted!

I love the "AM" in the rating code!