Thursday, March 13, 2008

Maplethorpe Exhibit

I forgot to mention that SOV2 will be hosting a Robert Mapplethorpe exhibit featuring some of his most controversial images. I know many, yes, including even a few SOV2 parishioners, have complained about Mapplethorpe's art. However, as we have come to understand at Universities, trying to hide from controversial topics is merely anti-progressive. The images, some of which do seem a bit "cutting edge," are designed to stimulate dialogue among our diverse communities.

The opening of the Mapplethorpe exhibit in the Faith Tower will also begin on March 20th.

H. Robert Williams


Deacon Bernadette Carnahan said...

I am thrilled that these stunning views of God's handiwork will be displayed here for us all to enjoy.

Remember, if God didn't want gay S&M in this world, She wouldn't have designed us to enjoy it so damn much.

Cygnus said...

Will this be before or after the performance of the V-Monologues, complete with interpretive dance?