Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Embrace Transcendentalmetaphysicalisticism


I hear your groaning in the darkness. I understand the constant torment which assails you. I know how you are full of worry and doubt. Your self-esteem has been reduced to ashes by the western philosophy of spiritual materialism. This is why I offer you all one more chance to embrace Endology which will cure your ills.

Many great minds have already come and seen the light. The world lies like a thin skein over the innerworld which is the doorway to the noosphere. Truth is like a dagger. Those that drill down into the veil, find, in the imprint of the topology that lies beneath, a reflection of the inner self.

What is existence? It is the perpetuation of the immediate into the indeterminant through invention. Yes! I say invention. For consciousness - Eastern mystics have always known and only now has it been proven with science - is the selection of one truth from many. Truth and Lies are the same thing - like two sides of the same coin. To deceive is merely to select an alterante view and provided the alternate is not held lightly it is not in anyway a sin to reinvent one self.

It is like asking, where is such and such a stream and being told, look here or look there. If you look you see the stream but the stream is not still. The stream moves eternally from here to there and the stream is not like a rock that can be placed upon an altar. The stream is the water and the water flows and to look at the stream is not to see the stream but to see everything but the stream for the stream has moved on while you were looking. That is why all religion is both valid and invalid at one and the same time. Yet if you were true followers and disciples you would enter the stream and be swept along to where all streams lead and become one great stream, or more properly an infinity of streams.

So recreate yourself in the warm ocean of Endology. Embrace Transcendtalmetaphysicalisticism with its multitude of doorways into an infinite realm of being. Such is the talisman I give to you. We become infinite in our consciousness.

This is why the intergalactic vehicle points in a direction not outwards towards a cold and barren heaven, but inwards into the self, into the very warm bosom of the Gaia-Earth-Goddess. Come. Join us. There is so much more to tell you!

I have had one of my fellow life-beings place a box of specially designed berets. Please, put one on and the doors and windows will be opening to you and you will begin to see what I see.


Anonymous said...

But who are you really, sir? L. Ron "Mother" Hubbard?

Agent Smith said...

I strongly urge each of you to stay away from those berets. I am sending a team now to collect and burn those berets that are on the card table in the gathering hallway at the front of the SOV2 building.

Agent Smith