Thursday, March 6, 2008

Che! You need help!


This is the real H. Robert Williams speaking through Peevee. This situation with the Church of Endology is intolerable. You have completely destroyed the lives of the people closest to you: Erin your mouse, your friend Keith, and Molly who is in a post-cult experience treatment center.

I know that I share a part of the blame for your actions. I can see that it was probably a mistake to try and backup my consciousness on the internet. That is why I am taking some responsibility here.

I have called your mom and asked her to get down here immediately. At first she did not believe me when I described your behavior, and she still remains somewhat skeptical, but she will be flying down here almost immediately. That is after the Ralph Nader campaign kickoff gala. I have to check on the date, but it is probably next week sometime.

By the way. Did you happen to know where I put my "Villanoce Voice!" Coffee Mug? Lizzy doesn't have it. We may have put into storage. I must say, I am having a very difficult time getting any of my old stuff back.

H. Robert Williams

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H. Robert Williams said...

Update on intervention for Che. In addition to his mon and dad and sister, Keith, Molly, and Erin I am trying to reach the following people who may be concerned enough to help:

Krystal, the man who dressed up like a Crusader person and nearly killed me with a lawn dart, Tom Cruise, Hugo Chavez, Todd Turk, Britnee Hamilton, Taheetee Moonbeam, and some frat guy named Enrico.

Remember, we are trying to essentially suffocate him with love. I need as many arms to reach around Che as possible. Especially since, the beret has very likely started to merge with his skull by now and it will take a lot to pull that thing off.

H. Robert