Friday, March 14, 2008

Special Dedication by Phil Donahue

Sisters and Brothers,

I have more exciting news this morning. Phil Donahue will be here at SOV2 to dedicate the new wing of the Gathering Space on March 20th. The John F. Kennedy Faith Formation Complex will be home to a special library of tapes and videos and books that will embrace the vibrant diversity that is the Spirit of Vatican 2. This is all possible thanks to a generous donation from the Ford Foundation (which Father Tim and I have been keeping under wraps).

In layman's terms we were able to purchase a slightly used semi trailer and have backed this up to the emergency exit doors.

In addition to serving as the new faith community library, the trailer also will be providing much needed space for the some of our recent additions of spiritual art and will prevent some of the problems we have been having with a few of the parishioners leaving our gatherings early. As I understand it, those doors were never intended to be used as a common egress, and in the future you will have to walk through the main doors directly behind the presider. Hopefully the discomfort you will feel will be enough to encourage you to stay through the announcements from now on.

The new wing has already been decorated tastefully by the Social Justice committee which has persevered admirably without Che, and have fully accepted their new role as "Peace Mongers." Thanks so much SJC for coming up with our new Gathering Hymn "Come Womyn of Spirit, Come Men of Love." We are working with the OCP representatives to get special approval for this hymn.

Also, I would like you to know that the old Parish Council has been officially disbanded. The fact is they have not been allowed to meet for some time anyway. I will be transitioning in a new parish council. Now I have noticed that these are basically popularity contests so I have decided that from now on we will just put everyone's name in a hat and draw them out randomly. This is in emulation of the way that the early christian faith communities did it and probably was one of the progressive ideas of Mary Magdalene, who as you know was the principle architect of the churches of equanimity. In keeping with her inspiring spirit we will also be taking steps to guarantee proportional representation of all groups. Therefore, I will appoint several "at-large" members to give voice to some of the under-represented members of the community. I especially am reaching out to other religious traditions for the parish council (except baptists because they are intolerant) so if you know someone who maybe has not attended a church for a while or is, perhaps, a Unitarian or a Reformed Episcopalian, please nominate them for an "at-large" spot.

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radtradchad said...

What a coincidence! We will be dedicating the main Keystone of St. Leo the Great Chapel with a Solemn High Mass that very same day. I wonder who will have greater attendance?