Saturday, March 8, 2008

The future can not be stopped!

To the person claiming to be H. Robert Williams:

If you are in fact the 248th incarnation of the HR technology as you claim, you will realize that no "intervention" will be sufficient to thwart the future. As you yourself have just said: the future is about change and progress and not about the past.

I mean, what is up with all this stuff your saying about these people and things. Because that's all about stuff that happened before I put on the beret. So I don't know why that's supposed to matter. Though I do miss Erin and stuff because she was a really cute mouse. Is she still playing the Piano? I mean...

Enough of this! Consulting the text "Confronting your inner bigot" you can see that all world religions to the degree they are true essentially share the singular trait that they affect social change. The corruption of Christianity came about during the long ossification and it became tools of suppression rather than liberators of the spirit. But through a continuous renewal of both form and practice, realizing that the spirit works through the community at large qua church and not through an oligarchical...

What did my mom say? I mean, is she really worried about me? I mean, fat chance getting my dad to care about me or anything because he's all completely nuts about Brenda and making more money. I mean, one thing I am really glad about is that nobody in Endology is allowed to wear all that perfume. That was one of the rules I got to make and it has allowed me to keep. But we don't play any of the musical instruments anymore or anything. And we don't make banners because we need all the felt for making berets and stuff...

But that doesn't matter because what really matters right not is the intergalactic vehicle project! We are going to launch it... and... whatever. I can't talk right now.


(P.S.: Tell Father Tim, that we borrowed the Rainbow Stole for our Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat musical we were going to do at Christmas for the Indogenous Migrant worker people on the lawn. I think maybe Eugene has it or something because he was going to play Joseph because he kind of looks like Donny Osmond. Or maybe it was Todd Turk because basically when he took over and stuff he was all like Che' you are such a loser because you don't know anything about the different kinds of cleft notes and stuff and I was like Oh Yah? Did you write a play for Julia Roberts with Danny Glover and based on Social Justice Theory? And he was like that play was plane stupid and your real name starts with a B and I was like.. don't tell anybody my real name or I swear I will hit you and then we decided not to put it on because basically nobody bothered to memorize there lines and Keith's band wasn't going to play anyway because that drummer guy with the pierced cheeks quit.)

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