Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Peace Upon You

Hello. Peace be upon your houses. I congratulate you in the name of peace and supplication on your upcoming pagan festival which will bathe you in blood and wash clean the stink of semitic uproariousness. If the fleas of the dogs of your rotten capitalist zion empire are not found to be in the the building that you call a church, then I will be mistaken. Many of my cousins in the struggle will join me and reject the futile barbarism of your western ways of the pig. Peace be upon your house.

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Agent Smith said...

Dr. al-Fakkir,

Too many mistakes, doctor. I know about your meeting with Curt Kane, and the Brothers of Love. I am patient; I can wait until tomorrow night to make my move. I have enough information to arrest you and all of your conspirators--I have called for reinforcements. Next week I expect that you will be getting used to your new home in Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

Agent Smith