Saturday, December 1, 2007


I fell asleep in my office last night after finishing up on some paperwork, and I was having this great dream--I was in on the arrest of the century; we had done all the legwork and were about to bust through the door and make the arrest, when I woke up to the sound of an awful racket. I looked out my window facing the parking lot at the SOV2 community, and there were two groups trying to "outsing" each other. Some were dressed in loincloth and chanting very loudly. They had some rough looking tents up--maybe made of some kind of leather, and they were dancing around a roasted deer over a campfire. The second group was standing at the edge of some barrier that was set up and singing some of Fr. Tim's favorite songs. I went out to the barrier and asked someone who they were, and they answered that they were the "Oh sea pea."

I also spotted Dr. al-Fakkir behind the barrier, but I don't think that he was singing at all--just staring at the dancers.

Agent Smith

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Nils Larssen, War Chief of the Appalachian Tribal Peoples Coalition Against Bad Music said...

Agent Smith,

We were taken a little by suprize at how horrible the singing has been, so we've had to purchase sever gross of Army Surplus ear plugs. The problem is better now.
As far as us being ousted, I don't think so. The tribal police from the Qualla Reservation have given us all permits for traditional war clubs, and my sister married A blackfoot, and she's haveing her husband send us some ponies and a few hundred more Human Beings.

Really, it was the music that got the others involved. Actually, the faculty and students from Julliard have sent us not just a pledge of solidarity, but we shall soon be recieving some REALLY BIG DRUMS. (However, we politly turned down an offer from the "Drangshott Pipe and Banshee Corps", what ever that is.