Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We are a Faith Community

Hey! Kerri wrote this song for us after I just told her a little bit about us. She said writing it really cheered her up which I am pretty sure that means that she is starting to get the SOV2 spirit. I think it's pretty cool because she left the church a while ago.

We are a Faith Community
by Kerri Erpenblech

I am church and so are you
I am priest and priestess too
Sharing the eu-char-ist's that's me,
According to our self's ab-il-i-ty,

Around our campus community,
You'll find signs of our diversity!
With each banner that proclaims,
The great Feminist Thinkers' names!

We are a Faith Community
I'll facilitate you, you'll facilitate me!
'Cause we're on a spiritual journey!
So sing a song of harmonious melody!

Let's respect other's dignity,
In a way that's sure to please,
Teaching the children to adore,
The variety of forms of love in store.


We'll do our parts to steward the Earth,
Do what we can to reduce births,
Eating only granola and soy,
We'll sing our Mother's praise with joy.



John Keenan, OPL said...

The spirit of VII is libertine
with feminist ecology to glean;
but with the godess reign o'r us
where is Christ in all of this?


True Apostle Al, Hollywood, press et al,
doom and gloom to all,
with his mendicant followers and p.c. jet plane,
he declares, "you are to blame."

Angus McFee said...

That does it! After this song, we're gonna occupy the sacrity, or whatever you call that work room!

And no we don't have claim or a cause--it's just this music comes in every sunday and we can't watch The Game in peace.

Damned Hippy Wannabes, lowering our property values, burnin' tires, diggin things up, bringing in all these strange looking freaks...

justme said...

Does anyone realize we can't get to anyone's blog profile? The profile links are gone .....

Cygnus said...

We claim copyright violation.

Tom Conry, Michael Joncas, and Carey Landry

Che' Lovell said...
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Miguel Cuthbert said...

How about

We are gifted with a spirit,
To make a noise beyond all limit,
And Celebrate traditionally,
With Martin Luther in the litany.

Rae said...

Hey Che, check this out:

Now I have to watch Star Wars again....!

Mark said...

Beautiful... Now this is what I like to see! This is what Vatican II had in mind.

Try this on for size:

As we hold hands with each other
You are my friend and my brother
Not that holding hands makes us gay
But if it does I know that's ok.


I hate the use a gender specific name like brother, and a bigotted word like gay, but I had to go with what rhymed. I apologize profusely to all I may have offended in any way whatsoever, at all.

May God our Mother, bless us richly...

Father Tim said...

John, Miguel, and Mark: those are super lyrics & I'm sure they will go great with Ché's song. I'll see if the OCP folks will let us use this song in the liturgical tunage.

Cygnus - I knew Michael Joncas. Michael Joncas was a friend of mine. You're no Michael Joncas.

Rae - I didn't get that whole Star Wars thing. What does Ché's valid current life partner's song have to do with the Reagan Missile Defense Agression project?

Peace out!

Dym Tim

Godfrey Church said...

Bravo!!!! Trads will be singing this thousands of years from now.

Rae said...

"I didn't get that whole Star Wars thing. What does Ché's valid current life partner's song have to do with the Reagan Missile Defense Agression project?"

Absolutely nothing (that I had in mind), Fr. Tim! I just wanted to show Che, via the web address I pasted, that experts have established that Leonardo da Vinci imbedded pictures of Darth Vader in some of his paintings... (George Lucas could be, like, a prophet or something!) ....So I "borrowed" this thread. Sorry for the non sequitur!