Thursday, December 20, 2007

On Retreat

Hey everybody! Guess what! I got a chance to go on retreat this weekend and to stay over the Christmas holiday at the Glenmaryknoll Retreat House. This is great because next to Easter, Christmas is the biggest pain in the butt for me, with all the masses and all the people who normally don't come to church showing up and wanting things.

Anyway, Kip will be taking care of all the masses and things while I'm gone. Before I go, a little business:

1. Ché - tell Todd to start being church and stop his moping. If that doesn't work, call Fr. Juno. Oh, and have fun in Vale. Say hi to Ed Begley Jr. while you're there.

2. Gorebertines - you have the run of the rectory while I'm gone, but please DON'T GO INTO THE WEST WING! IT'S FORBIDDEN!

3. Ngyuen - see if you can set up my new Dell laptop - I haven't been able to get it to work.

4. Clyde - I insist that you stop seeing Mizz Argot. You're paid to clean up messes, not make them!

I think that's all the details. OCP will pretty much take care of the faith community while I'm gone. Have a joyous solstice!


Syblyng Madison said...

Dym Tim....that refers to only the consecrated Gorebertines, of course? I mean, it doesn't include any former members....or anyone who might be associated with a former member?

Syb Bob said...

FORBIDDEN??? That sounds like talk of the RRC or at the very least a minion of the AntiGore. I've a quarter of a mind to send Syb Joe over to the West Wing on general principles.

Anonymous said...

Quoting syb bob:

"I've a quarter of a mind..."

Give it Back--It's not yours!