Monday, December 10, 2007

Congratulations Che!

I'm so happy that you, too, have found your soul mate! I hope you & Kerri are as happy as BD & I.

Also, please let me extend an apology to all SOV2iers. I've been so devastated by the oppression happening to the WomynPrysts in St. Louis (of course, they are holding strong & refusing to accept such unilateral, misogynist treatment, but still, it's distressing), and so caught up in my prison ministry and, well, my own personal happiness that I haven't been around much. Please be assured that I will not neglect my duties in future!

Dym Tym, BD has mentioned that he & his brothers have many opportunities that could help generate cash for the Faith Community; they only need the space & privacy to pursue them, for which the rectory would be perfect. He says don't worry about them getting through the parking lots, as he & "the guys" could easily set up ramps & jump their hogs over the blockades.

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