Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Parking Lot

Hey everybody! I'd like to take a minute or two to give you some advance info on how to get into the worship space next Sunday, given all the problems with the parking lots.

As you know, the Southeast Parking Lot has been completely occupied by Chief Nils Larssen and his Natyve Amerycans, and Dr. Al-Fakkir's Palestinian refugee friends have completely ringed the parking lot with the burning tire fire, so basically, you can't get to SOV2 from Spirit Lane. You'll have to come up Dry Gap Pike to the Northwest Parking Lot. As you know, we still haven't repaired the trench that the Hugo Chavez battalion dug when Fr. Kane was here, so only those SOViers with SUV's will be able to make it through. Why not be church to one another and give another faith communicant a ride to SOV2 this Sunday?

Some of you may be tempted to park on the Southwest lawn. I strongly encourage you not to do this. Last weekend, we offered SOV2 to be sanctuary to some undocumented immigrants, and now they are camped on the Southwest Lawn to mount their protest to their right to live in the Parking Lot:


Nils Larssen said...

Dym Tim--

I hate to point this out, but Spirit Sane is still blocked by that burnt out delivery truck.

But we are allowing those undocumented workers with native american heritage to join us in the parking lot.

Also, about the "tofu", we've found it very useful for chinking holes in the Wikiups that Sr. Dawn is building for the children. BTW, does she always dress like that?

Anonymous said...

"... so only those SOViers with SUV's will be able to make it through."

I don't get it. How could any SOViets own SUVs? I thought that they were alleged to be environmentally unfriendly.

Also, I'm trying to figure out how someone named "Nils Larssen" can call himself a "native American." Was he a Norwegian orphan, adopted overseas by a Sioux squaw? Or is he a direct descendant of a crew member of Leif Ericsson's ship (c. 1000) abandoned on the coast for fraternizing with the redskins?
John Francis

Nils Larssen said...

My name came about due to my Fathers loosing a bet with the capitan of a codfishing trawler of Norwegian Registry.

the bet had something to do with shots of 50/50 Jagermeister-aquavit blend and a Brazilian troop of dancing girls.

I'm foggy on the details. So was Dad.