Friday, December 7, 2007

I'm getting married!

Hey! I popped the question and Kerri said yes! I am so really excited now. Basically I just came down the double black diamond on my ski board after my Dad's helicopter had dropped us off and she was right behind me so I wiped out on purpose and she landed on top of me and we were all tangled up and stuff and that's when I told her I wanted her to be my double diamond forever and so I gave her a five carat perfect diamond engaagement ring set in emeralds and stuff. I don't know much about that kind of thing but my dad wanted me to giver her that because he is so much for me settling down and stuff. She looked awesome in her pink Dior skiing miniskirt and the pink ski beret I designed. I am hoping Pucci who is awesome will pick up on the ski berets I make which have give you a South American feel ebcause thay have AWESOEM slopes in the Andes that a lot of people don't know about but I skiied as a kid on vacation with my dad when he was going to Argenina a lot.

Anyway, since she wants an outdoor wedding, my dad is going to fly everybody out to Bali on his companies private jet and write it off as a business expense. Father Tim we are hoping you will come and officiate. I also hope I meet some of the U.N. Then we are going to a private Safari honeymoon in Zimbabwe.



Agent Smith said...

Congratulations, Che'!

EegahInc said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see where the happy couple registers for gifts. (Psst. Be sure to let us know the details about the bachelor party.)

Father Tim said...

Hey! Super news, Ché. Can't wait to meet Kerri. I am really psyched that you want me to do the soul joining validation, although Dr. Al-fakkir wants me to remind you that if the ceremony is in Bali, then it will need to be performed by a Mullah as well as by me. He has a cousin in Bali, Mullah Fakkir, who might be just the guy for you. Oh, and don't forget you have to go through the Pre-Kana, which is a discernment process. I'll send a copy of the quiz that you and Kerri will have to take to make sure you're ready to become life-partners.

Incidentally, have you mentioned the financial difficulties at SOV2 to your father?

Deacon B. Rose Carnahan said...

Blessings to you and your bethrothed life-partner-to-be, Che!

Cygnus said...

Hey Che,

Will you and your betrothed be hunting elephant in Zimbabwe? And is Robert Mugabe escorting you?

(BTW, Kanye West so needs to give Mugabe his glasses back.)

Nolan Reynolds said...

You should get married on a rock. That would be beautiful. You could call it a unity rock.