Thursday, August 30, 2007

SOV2 Fall Festival

Hey! I just wanted to get the ball rolling on our upcoming Fall Festival. This year we're going to be having an auction of some really neat stuff, including my cherished autographed Al Gore Picture:

Also we'll be auctioning off some of our old Sacred Vessels:

As well as an entire six-pack of Billy Beer:

And finally, a set of my vestments (autographed by me on the back side of the stole):

We'll also be auctioning off dinner with me and Maryann McGronk at the Rectory. It will be lots of fun! Ché will be the waiter, Keith will be cooking his famous "Brownie Cassarole", and Sr. Fairah will be singing an accapella selection of some of Todd's hymns.


Che' Lovell said...

Hey Father Tim!

Also tell everybody that I have another natural organic tomatoe to sell. This is the second one because my other natural organic tomatoe Dr. Argot bought. And this one I am going to sell for 10% off which means it will be $9 because actually there is a worm in it so you can't eat the whole thing. I also am growing a natural organic squash and a natural organic pumpkin for our Samhain Night. BUT I DON'T WANT PEOPLE TO CARVE MY PUMPKIN BECAUSE THAT IS ABUSIVE OF THE ENVIRONMENT.


Maryann McGronk said...

Dym Tim,

I just want to note that I'll be cooking up some of my famous vegetarian sloppy joes for the occasion!