Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Hey! You won't believe this, people! Apparently "our" Pope is chopping down trees. I mean, I knew he was opposed to the earth-mother and one of those Latin-loving oligarchs, but I didn't know he'd stoop this low. Send an email to the Vatican to register your complaints. I've already contacted Al Gore's office, and with any luck, President Gore will be able to put a stop to this.

Also we had a special meeting of our Pastoral Council and by a unanimous vote, the Pastoral Council has condemned the pope's actions.


Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

Heretic Tim,

The Most Pious Council of Knights of the HKTTC hath had a special meeting and hath also passed a unanimous vote condemning the Pope's action.

Of course, our vote really hath nothing to do with trees--especially trees planted in memory of a foul pretender Pope. Verily, it twas we knights are all still enraged at Joe Ratzinger for wearing a suit to Vatican 2. What is his excuse, his cassock was at the cleaners?!?

Any act he commits or causes to be committed is considered automatically suspect by the Order, until he admits that his choice of wardrobe was heretical.

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC

Pastor Tyrone of "New Life Awake! Pentecostal church" said...

AMEN! Chop those demon trees, I say. Level those Romanist rosebushes! Let the scythe of the WORD CUT DOWN THE LIES AND EVILS OF THE POPE! Amen! Ground that papist wood into pulp and print the Word upon it! Amen! Hallejuah!

Sr.Thistle Peacetrain said...

Well, chopping trees down isn't very church..if I do say so myself. After all they have feelings too. Just watch the Lord of the Rings documentary. I love Ents! I hug a tree whenever and whereever possible.
Speaking of not being church...did anyone hear about the "catholic" bishop in the Netherlands wanting all of us to call God, Allah? Thats way too crazy- even for me!