Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fr. Juno's Homily to be Published

Hey! Well, with the help of some folks from SSLI, and the assistance of a team of Kenyan acrobats who happened to stop in at the rectory, I have managed to decypher the audiotape of Fr. Juno's homily last Sunday. I will be "posting" the homily on the 'blog sometime today. But first I have a lot of running around to do. As you know, Monday was "Hiroshima Day" over there in Oak Ridge, so naturally a lot of our faith communicants went to protest at the Y-12 nucular bomb factory. These brave martyrs have now been arrested, so I have to go bail them out. As you might have expected, a good portion of our staff are now in jail, including Sr. Fairah, Maryann, Ché, Dr. Al-Fakkir, Todd Turk, Eugene & the entire Youth Group, Kate Po, Mary Rose, Ngyuen Tran, Britnee and Taheettee. As a matter of fact, everyone was arrested except for Clyde Hummins (thank the Spirit!) and me. I, of course, wasn't able to attend because there's so much parish business to transact, and I needed the time to complete a course of transcendental meditation that I've been working on, and also I had to get some things ready for my next retreat.

Anyway, I'll have the Juno Homily published soon, but don't expect too much. It's a really incoherant rambling about all sorts of patriarchical nonsense - typical Fr. Juno stuff.

Peace out!

Dym Plarvik


Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

One of our parishioners' father is a guard in that jail. I'll send word for him to put Sr. Fairah in the lesbian wing (so she won't get lonely on those cool summer nights), Dr. Al-Fakkir in the Neo-Nazi cell block, Maryann in the 'abortion clinic bombers' wing, and Todd Turk will be signed up for the 'Super Singing Sodomites' prison choir. Che will be held in the minimum security, first-class wing (solely becase of the pleas of Sir Denzinger, who thinks that Che may be converted from his heresy someday.)

Ah, it's good to see heretics where they belong, in a dungeon. Better to see them atop a cord of wood soaked in gasoline, but baby steps, Leonard, baby steps. Modernist Rome won't be destroyed in a day...

Sr.Thistle Peacetrain said...

someone needs a hug!

XXXXXX said...

They're lucky that they were arrested when they were... I was listening on my radio, and I heard a call being put in by the Y-12 workers to bring in the National Guard. If the Y-12 police hadn't arrested everyone, then the soldiers would have--and you wouldn't have been able to bail them out; in fact, I think that I heard the order "shoot to kill".

I'm not sure what your parishoners did out there, but I think you need to stress that they stay outside the fence the next time they go to a federal facility to protest.

Best Regards,
Agent Smith