Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Poem

Hey Everybody! H. Robert was up all night last night playing MegaGodOfDeath VIII Curse of the Nemesis. Because he's just a brain you wouldn't believe how AWESOME he is. Because nobody has even come close to beating him in Free Mode yet though I did almost get him one time. Keith was the all time champion but H Robert is probably ten times better.

Anyway, he likes to play it at full volume which really bugs me and I can't sleep when he does it so I was thinking that I needed to get back to my poetry and since Nikki Giovanni was here last summer we haven't had any poetry readings. It was weird how she and Father Tim didn't get along. I mean, I'm not sure what happened, but she was real nice to me and read some of my poesm and said I had talent and I should write more from my feelings and stuff.

So I composed this poem called: I am the Spirit of Vatican 2 Faith Community. (I had to kind of x out some of the stronger words because some kid might read it but Nikki told me it was okay to use really strong language and swear words in front of kids as long as they are republicans. Not the kids I mean but the people you are swearing at. But I suppose if the kids were republicans you could swear at them but I kind of don't feel like you should cuss at kids because I think that's not really being church. I mean, there only kids and stuff)

I am the Spirit of Vatican 2 Faith Community
I am a beacon in Knoxville Standing on a Hill
Except that there are other hills around the hill I'm on
But as a symbol let's pretend the hill SOV2 is on is taller than the other hills
Because then you get the point.
I am Dym Plarvik, hugging people, reaching out to people
walking with people, talking with people, sharing people's lunches,
riding on Dr. Argot's jet to cool places while Che' has to stay back and make sure all XXXXX doesn't break loose because some XXXXX crusader guy says he's going to "wet the field with heretic blood" and stuff.
I am Maryann McGronk, patiently studying for the priesthood like a mother hen gathering her chicks except that chicks are a word you wouldn't want to call people because its offensive and that's not what I meant by chicks so I should probably just say something like lambs and then Maryann isn't really a hen but like a big old mother sheep or something.
I am Todd Turk, singing really loud in a really high pitch and yelling at the choir for not trying harder and stealing people's banners which they worked hard on all the time and saying it was wrecking the acoustics when it was really just the fact that NOBODY IN THE CHOIR CAN SING AT ALL!
I am Nguyen Tran, who is really cool and I have nothing bad to say about because he makes awesome Spring Rolls with this chewy things in them which someone told me were shrimp but I think are tofu or something because spring is all about plants and stuff and if they were shrimp I'd feel bad about eating them because you shouldn't eat animals.
I am H. Robert, and though I am just a brain in a jar and nobody likes me because I am mean and basically don't let anybody play Play Station II anymore and I hog it all the time and won't let the person whose taking care of me watch Purple Rain on Wednesday night if I had arms I would give you a hug right after I sued you for 1 trillion dollars.
I am Keith, kind of overweight a bit, but if I cut back on the M&Ms and stuff I could maybe lose a few pounds but Matt Johnson's song makes me want to buy more. And I make good brownies.
I am Che', who is awesome!
I am not some XXXXXXX Polo XXXXX playing republican XXXXX frat guy who hits horses and makes people wash his XXXXXXX porsche. I am not some stupid XXX snob who got all his money by robbing the workers and then owns stock in some stupid Oil company and complains about Hugo Chavez.
I am Britnee and Taheeetee and Candi but definitely not Krystal because then I would be causing mice to rise from the dead which is REALLY BAD which reminds me that I am also Erin and Julia Roberts
And probably I'm also Sean Penn who I met in Hollywood and I actually punched in the nose on accident because I was hanging out with Tom Cruise and Katie and Suri and I thought he was a Pavorotti person and Tom told me that Pavorotti are loaded with Body Thetans and to punch them with your spirit hand. But actually probably not because Sean Penn doesn't live in Knoxville so maybe I am someone else who does live in Knoxville but not that guy from An Officer and A Gentleman because I think he might be a republican.
I am the real spirit of Knoxville. A great big shining glowing thing that whirls around like a light house except not a lighthouse because that wouldn't make any sense.
Wait! This is it... I'm the Sunsphere. I'm like a Big Bug Zapper that's calling all the bugs to me except I won't kill you but give you a big hug and some natural organic food that is really really good.


Miguel Cuthbert said...

Um... Che old pal...
Perhaps you were up a bit late.

Oh, you weren't by any chance one of the crowd at Fountain Square?


Anonymous said...

Leaving out Womyn, of course... where is Sr. Fairah?????

Che' Lovell said...

Hey! Maryann McGrong is a womyn and so is Erin and Julia Roberts and Britnee and Candi and Taheetee. And Spirit of Vatican 2 Faith Community IS A WOMYN which is obvious from the poem unless you don't know ANYTHING ABOUT POETRY!

And I would have said something about Sr. Fairah because she is really nice but I couldn't make it poetical like all the other stuff I wrote.

And if you knew anything about poetry you would know that whatever I write is really good and you shouldn't criticize it because I wrote it!

I mean you wouldn't criticize Nikki Giovanni's poetry would you because she is a Poet Laureate and stuff and I think what I wrote was just about as good as what she writes except you know she is AWESOME because she is so IN YOUR FACE and stuff and TELLS IT LIKE IT IS.

I mean when she said "I am the Cincinnati Western and Southern Tennis Championships, though I am played in Mason" I was saying RIGHT ON NIKKI! IN YOUR FACE WEST CHESTER OHIO! BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING NICE ABOUT YOU. Even though there's all these republicans who live in Mason there's even more that live in West Chester and stuff. Because I mean who can write poetry like that? Huh? Except me of course because I don't have Body Thetans.

And Miguel I know you're a republican person which makes me mad.


Rae said...

I love it!!

sr thistle peacetrain said...

its like a breath of fresh air!

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean you left out all womyn ... but leaving out Sr. Fairah, how could you?