Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Need a scientist person

Hey! If your a scientist kind of person I need your help.

Keith said that people are actually carbon sinks because they eat things made of carbon and the bigger they are the more carbon they eat. But I said no because people breathe carbon dioxide out and so they are carbon sources. So I've been trying to call up Al Gore and see what the answer is but his phone service told me to go away and stop asking stupid questions. But its not stupid. I mean am I supposed to eat a lot of carbon or not?

Anyway, if your a scientist person (and not a Republican or a Global Warming Deniar) than please can you settle this? Because I have five dollars riding on this.


Oh yah! We're not talking about all the stuff people do to make Carbon Dioxide like Nuclear Power Plants and stuff we're talking about just eating and breathing and things.


Miguel Cuthbert said...
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Miguel Cuthbert said...

I would imagine that it depends on what you eat. If you are primarily a herbivore (vegan or something) than you are defintely consuming carbon sinks and are therefore acting as a "carbon source" and consequently are detrimental to the environment. If you primarily eat herbivores than maybe you are helping the environment (I assume that you are not breeding herbivores to be eaten).

But in the end if you die and are buried in the ground and fail to decompose... you net being a carbon sink! Neglecting of course all the fossil fuel that were burnt as a consequence of your actions.

Very morbidly yours,