Sunday, August 19, 2007

Comments to SOV2

Dear Friends, I thank you so much for the opportunity to address you all, though of course this does not mean that the legal action I have initiated has been put on hold. I assure you that the prolonging of my life will have consequences for this faith community. Truly, this is a chance for you all to step up and see that justice is done. For are we not all about justice? Justice for the weak? Justice for the marginalized? And who is more marginalized might I ask than I who, deprived of body am at the mercy of a... well I must not go there. Let us just say one, whose brain if put in a jar would be quite diminutive compared to this that you see here.

Do you know he was planning to buy a goldfish to keep me company by actually putting it in this jar right here? Yet being asked to speak to you all is a positive development and a sign that Dym Plarvik does indeed take this matter seriously and may, though he has been legally combative, realize the tremendous offense for which he is responsible.

Which bring us to last Sunday's Gospel. It is to you who were listening and had the cerebral capacity to transmit the neuronal impulses from your auricular nerve endings into actual thought I now speak. What is this division of which the early christian community speaks and puts into the Jewish Dionysus' lips? What message has been set before us? Because don't we all understand that the christian message is not one of division but one of love, of gathering, of forgiveness. But here Dionysus says "two against three and three against two" and "father against son" and "son against father," "daughter-in-law against mother-in-law" and so forth. But surely there can be no divisions among people. Wherefore then the division?

What did the early faith community wish to impart to us, inheritors of the good news? Why it is this: Legal Action is the Christian Message! Yes, you heard me correctly. We are all to take legal action to against injustice and to create that City of God. It is through the city of persons or rather the kingdom of persons that the kingdom of God is to be created for the kingdom of God is not for God, but for you sisters and brothers and it will be created by you. Not out of the air and not from miraculous intervention but by the implementation of the community-state, that is a state which imparts all power to the people through the appointed officials.

Herein is the division than sisters and brothers! Never before have I spoken so openly and honestly! Here is the division! That some hold fast to the idea of the "individual" and place the authority of the individual over the good of the community. This false ideal leads to greed and every human misfortune. For the individual only can be self-interested and only seeks out its own interest. The individual must be reduced under the iron boot of justice and made to know his place within the community-state.

Let us celebrate the idea of this state which shall be ruled by wise and true judges, philosophers, and University professors. If three against two I say three! If ten against one I say ten! But never in the sense that the ten are greater than the one but only in the sense that rather than one, A MILLION! And greater than any number I say is ALL! A great humanity! A humanity without bodies.

The idea of Humanity - see how I emphasize the word - is greater by far than the "reality" of any individual life. Because what is one or two or a handful compared to the power of an idea? The life of any one is but a flicker compared to the infinity of existence of the idea which carries over from generation to generation, grows and builds and towers its way up to the heavens! So that none exists for her self or his self but only as threads in a great tapestry to the Idea. Wheresoever we find this Idea - whatever this Idea is - however it changes from place to place and time to time, we must bow our necks to it and serve it to our last breath, until we are worn out and wasted with the effort and discarded. And how glad we shall be when we are discarded that our last breath becomes a sigh of gratitude to the Idea.

Thank you!

I understand that Che has brought in some cookies and brownies for those of you with mouths to enjoy.


The Right Reverend Arnold "P". Lampshire said...

Friends, I'd like to invite you in the spirit of proper ecumenical behavior to come join us for shouts of joy and happiness in the high, high hills.

We will fellowship and join our choir director, Mr. Umbutu "Kilroy" Nambutu (of the Serengethi Nambutu's) for a "singing" social.

It promises to be a rip-roaring good time.

There will be an "expeiential" communion served to those with very strong stomachs.

We are trying our best to build our congregation out here in these hills, and we would welcome a contingent of Catholics to help us in our outreach to this heathen populace.

We look forward to your presence in this time of extreme joy!

Miguel Cuthbert said...

Dym Plarvik... I think H. Robert has broken one of the "banned words" rules. You might want to sick Al-fakir on him. It could solve several problems.