Saturday, August 11, 2007

Natural Organic Tomatoe

Hey everybody! Well a lot of stuff has been happening since I went out to California. It was great because after dropping of H. Robert's body with the Scientologists I got to hang out with a group of people who are really into natural foods. There food is organic and I got to see how they grow it and everything and you know that they don't kill bugs or anything? What they do is they grow extra-food for all the insect people and if they see a bug on one of there tomatoes that there going to sell in their store or whatever they really carefully take the bug and put it on another tomato that there not going to sell. So anyway the natural organic food costs a little more because basically you know half the food is going to the insects and stuff but I think its really worth it because its about sharing resources with our friends. Anyway I am going to open up my own natural organic food store here and I am going to be trying it so starting this Sunday you can buy a tomatoe that I personally took all the bugs off of. Right now I only have one tomatoe so you better hurry. It costs $10.

I am going to call my store THE THE NATURAL ORGANIC FOOD STORE after Matt Johnson of The The. Because even though I still think Matt Johnson is a LOSER SELL-OUT because his song "This is The Day" is being used to sell Dockers pants and M&Ms and stuff but I still think his songs are really cool. And I'm going to play his song "I've been waiting for tommorrow" all the time because its all about somebody hiding in a garden which is pretty neat. Anyway Matt Johnson is THE BEST because he really understands modern life. Because modern life is about being ANGRY. Except he doesn't wear berets but I think that's because he's bald. You know Prince doesn't wear berets either but he sings about them so that's why Prince is still my favorite singer and I know that Father Tim really doesn't like that Prince song When Doves Cry because it says "Maybe I'm just like my mother" and he says that it reminds him of stuff when his mother wasn't like a horse whisperer but a horse rider. That's why we don't play it on Sundays. And Todd Turk is STILL A WEENIE!

I'll tell you about my jail experience pretty soon and all about H. Robert too but I have to run because I need to make sure the solar panels are pointed in the right direction because the battery was really low and H Robert was saying that he was hungry.


Oh Yah! Father Tim, don't worry about that wrongful life suit thing against the church because I'm talking to H. Robert and I think he's just kind of mad.

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Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

Silly heretics...H. Robert be not mad! He is so fully engulfed in heresy that he appears to be mad! See what thy theology has wrought, and quake to think of this being thy end as well! That is,unless thee repent and return to the Truly True Church!!!!