Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm sorry

Che has let me back on the internet provided I behave in a more mature and professional manner. So I wish to take this opportunity to offer a deep and sincere apology for some of my comments. I realize that I was not being church to many of you and I am sorry.

Che also wished me to inform you that his natural organic tomatoes are delicious and that they are fully compatible with a modern and progressive interpretation of the church. The price he has set is fair and represents actual costs to him and a portion of the proceeds will go to help "indigenentous peoples." Your support of The The Natural Organic Food Store represents a commitment on your part to be good stewards of Mother Earth.
H. Robert
Now will you hook me back up to SimCity?


Todd Turk said...

Che! What did you do to H. Robert? I bet you put his jar in the oven, like Steve Martin's girlfriend did in The Man With Two Brains. Anyway, H. Robert made a lot of sense in his last post and it is totally unfair of you to force him to take it all back. He's right. The people of SOV2 need to be punished. You can count me in on H. Robert's faction and totally against yours. I demand that you give custody of H. Robert's brain to me immdiately!

Che' Lovell said...


I've been really nice to him. I set him up right next to Erin's cage and put his camera there so he can watch her on the treadmill. And I let him play all my video games and put movies on for him and stuff.

He's the one whose being rude and not very church.

You didn't have to be on a four hour plane ride with him. Because he was really rude to everybody. And he called Keith a disgustingly fat dope-head which is pretty mean even though its true.

Anyway when he was on line he somehow e-mailed some lawyer and he says he's going to sue everybody.

And I haven't even let anybody touch him or anything! Except for that girl Sera I met at Toddy's Friday night but I told her she had to wash her hands really well before she could.


Oh yah! I forgot, Keith and his friends want to do a Led Zepelin mass with Mimes. I know that Father Tim has said not to let anymore mimes do sermons but I thought maybe you could talk to him.

Che' Lovell said...


I mean because the mimes can't talk to him and I'm not sure that Father Tim is all that happy with me right now.


Pastor Tyrone of "New Life Awake! Pentecostal church" said...

LISTEN to me, all true Christians who may have wandered onto these Papist pages!

LOOK at what the Romanist Mariologists perpetrate! With their MAN-MADE TRADITIONS they make unto themselves an idol to be worshipped--Save all true Christians, Lord!--indeed they make unto themselves not a GOLDEN CALF-like innocent Aaron made, AMEN--but a brain in a jar!!! Yes, true Christians, I TELL YOU THE TRUTH, AMEN, I did witness this Che' fellow BOW DOWN IN WORSHIP to this brain! He claimed he was plugging the Playstation into the power strip, but I saw PAST his PAPIST lies and PERFEDIES! Then he scurried off, surely in order to help FATHER TIM--even though we are to call no man "Father", not even your own Daddy, AMEN!--in order to help the wicked Fr. TIM--or should I call him by what he is, a Pharisee and Teacher of the dead law?--in his evil deeds! I'm sure they were DOWN IN THE CELLAR BUTCHERING BABIES AND DRINKING THE BLOOD OF the SAINTS! O, what foul deeds, true Christians!



Che' Lovell said...

Hey Keith is that you? H. Robert is really sorry and he will give you a rematch on MegaGodOfDeath XVII Curse of the Nemesis.