Saturday, August 25, 2007


Hey everyone!

Just got around to downloading some of my pictures that have been on my camera for a while. I found this one of the youth liturgy a while back, and just had to share it w/ everyone:

Then I found this one of the labyrinth, with me, Maryann and a few others:

And this last one ... I just KNOW no one is going to believe me. It was in the midst of several I took during one of our outdoor liturgies. I remember I was trying to catch Dym Tim in various poses / moods. The sun was setting behind us, and the lighting was really awesome. Then, I found this ON MY CAMERA this way. I PROMISE it hasn't been "photoshop" altered. I am sure it's divine intervention. I think we should take it as a new community logo of some sort:

You have GOT to agree that it was divine intervention!


Father Tim said...

Hey Sister! That last one is a great picture of me. You know, I haven't been able to find that cape? I can't remember where I put it. The only bad thing about that picture is that the thing at the bottom doesn't show the Birks I was wearing that day, which were really neat.

Anonymous said...

Dym Tim,
Don't you remember you wore a chase-bull that day? You normally don't mess with those cape-things at Mass, but it was chilly that evening, and you told me you wanted to be warm, so you wore a chase-bull.

And those Birks were great. In fact, didn't you buy me a pair that next week? I know I have them around here somewhere.

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Sr. Fairah! It's me Che'.

You know I had this dream and I saw that same thing you saw on your camera, except instead of this person with wings I saw this kind of monkey thing with big teeth and there weren't those circles or lines or anything. Also the monkey thing was climbing up a building and holding onto someone and there were these old airplanes circling I think. Also it wasn't in color but was black and white.

Anyway, I just thought I would tell you.


George the Organist said...

hi Sr. Fariah! Fr. Chad would kill me if he knew i was chatting with you ex-communicated people but i must know about this miracle photos of yours do you have others? i have photos of the Virgin Mary apparition in toast and in that underpass and on that building i've been to all three!! have you? and you should see the photos I just got developed from around SOV2!

Father Tim said...

George, I hate to say this, but everybody knows that all those Marian apparitions and things are just hallucinations brought on by a combination of severely strict living and a sense of guilt instilled by the patriarchical pre-Vatican II church. It sounds to me like you need to go see a psychopharmecologist to help you resolve those issues of imaginings. Basically, here's a simple rule of thumb: if you see a vision after yoga, meditation, or drug use, then it is a real vision of the spirit. If you see a vision after praying, fasting, or doing good works, or if the vision contains "traditional" humyn figures such as "Mary" or "Jesus", then it's a manifestation of damage to your id brought on by the oppression of your parents and the Church.