Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fr. Juno's Homily, Sunday, August 4

Hello to my dear friends at the Spirit of Vatican II Faith Community. It has been some time since we have talked, which makes me sad, but I think it is better for Fr. Plarvik and others if I am not around the buildings for now. My thoughts and prayers are with you always and good memories of the time that I spent with you. As I saw that Fr. Plarvik was having some difficulties rendering my homily into text, I thought I would save the trouble and post my notes from the homily. These will be accurate to what I preached but will not contain many of the interruptions from the people in rainbow sashes or those people wanting to show solidarity with the aboriginals of Australia's RedFern parish. The homily follows:

Hello my dear friends of Spirit of Vatican II Faith Community. It has been some time since I have seen many of you and to see you now brings back many memories of my time here. I must thank you for requesting that I be here to give this homily, it is flattering to think that you appreciate the word that I share with you but more it is humbling to think that you appreciate the Word who endows all of us with our charisms.

In the first reading, we hear the great lament of vanity. This warning should be dear to us. How much of what we do is constructed upon a foundation of vanity? Even good things can be things of vanity. One can compose mighty symphonies or create great works of art, but if vanity is the root of the action, then "in vain" will be the accomplishment. God asks us to turn all of our works towards him. This does not mean that the subject of all our actions must be religious, but that we must find religion in all that we do. When we value beauty, it must not be for posession or lust, but it must be that we see God in beauty, that we see God in truth. In the middle ages, the philosophers argued greatly over the Dionysian negative theology that saw an impossibility in knowing God except in His reflection in all things. Though this theology is incomplete, as explained by the great Scholastics, it still has truth to speak to us - the mysticism of the East has a message for us.

And we are given a sort of map in the second reading, where St. Paul tells us that we must "put to death" those things which are obstacles to truth, and those things which only reinforce our vanity - namely immorality, impurity, passion, greed, evil desire, and untruth. But let me ask you this: have you even the courage to name these things? Here in this faith community, we mix the vanity of our own self-righteousness with timidity. We do this in the name of acceptance, or diversity. But can we even claim that such actions are in the best interests of those among us who sin by vanity, by impurity, immorality, passion, greed, or untruth? Is it not a worse crime to leave a sinner uncorrect than to offend a sinner by naming his sin? If you saw a man about to eat poison, would you not stop him? Despite his earnest desire to consume what is only harmful to him?

Yes, these are hard words here in this building. But remember also the Gospel for today - where Christ implores us to store up treasures in heaven, and not on earth. Yes, reprimanding our fellows will make us unloved - we will be called rigid moralistic bigots. We will be told we are not tolerant, or that we think we have a monopoly on the truth. As Christ warned the apostles, if they do such things to Him, how much more will they do to us? I in turn implore you, people of the Spirit of Vatican II: turn aside from the vanity that makes you accept every evil so that you will be liked and adored. Turn instead to the self-denial that accepts calumny here on earth, but stores up treasures in heaven.


Father Tim said...

Hey! See! This is the kind of browbeating self-righteous "you are anathema!" kind of Catholicism that Fr. Juno practices. I wish I could get Ngyuen to somehow take Fr. Juno's password away. I apologize to all of our faith communicants who had to hear this homily, although frankly I don't think any of them could understand Fr. Juno anyway.

Sr. Thistle Peacetrain said...

Well...that was a rather heavy homily! Methinks I will light some sage brush and clear the air before the sisters and I gather in a circle and sew the prayer flags together. Whew!

Sr. Thistle Peacetrain said...

I was wondering if anyone has a favorite Saint they would like to share? I was just telling my Creative Catholic Class that St. Francis is the patron St. of PETA,St.Thomas is the patron St of Harvard, and St.Anthony or "Tony" is the patron St.of alzheimers. I love teaching the "young minds full of mush" the more up to date versions of RC. Does anyone know the patron St. for the ACLU?

Christina said...

Wow, great homely Fr Juno! I am new to the community and had no idea it had been blessed with such a great priest. I voted for you because you had the most votes, obviously the Spirit was guiding that vote (kinda like it does for the pope)!

I've gone back and read your other's too bad that you ended up leaving.

Could you recommend any further reading on Vanity and Pride? Perhaps a good book by a saint or Thomistic theologian.

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

Pssh! Methinks this sermon nothing more than trite platitudes from another Neo-Cath, hiding his Modernist leanings behind a veneer of traditionalism.

"sister" peacetruck, how long have thee and "sister" Fairah been dating? Or is it just an informal 'fraternal life with benefits' relationship at this point?

Thomistic power!
Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC

Mother Tissier de Mallerais, CRBLSSL said...

Sr. Thistle Peacetrain!

My word, but you are even more impious than that awful, awful little skamp Sr. Fairah. Now, I know deary that ya' probably have poor role models over there a' in tha' SPV2, what with tha' pot-smoking hippie of a pastor of yours, but goodness gracious, have some manners! The only thing that should be full of mush in the wee little ones sha' be their tummies!

Now fly straight, or Mother will have to give ya' a crack or a' two across tha' knuckles with me wee little friend--tha' ruler!

Sr.Thistle Peacetrain said...

Sir Rev Leo,
Sr. Fairah and I don't know each other yet, perhaps you'd like to introduce us? Does she sew?

Mother Tissier..
Perhaps you would be interested in the prayer flag sewing circle or tye-dye vestment class?? ps Hippy Fest was great, someone made the most delicious brownies! Everyone was sooo relaxed!