Saturday, August 18, 2007

Richard Vosko, Liturgical Interiors, and WE WIN!

Hey everybody! Well, there's an awful lot going on these days. First of all, I'd like to congratulate Ché on his poem, despite the fact that Nikki and I didn't hit it off. My real problem with her is that she doesn't embrace the femynyn, which we all should do, like my heros Marty & David (that's Haugen & Haas for you neocaths).

Anyway, as I was "browsing" around on the "internet", I came across more proof that we are winning! Check out this "link" to a website that sells old Catholic stuff like alter rails and old ugly alters. That's right folks! The pre-Vatican II "church" is now in the rummage sale of history! WE ARE WINNING, PEOPLE!

Take a moment and congratulate yourselves, and then visit the website of my good buddy Dym Dickie Vosko. Those are some beautiful worship spaces! You can also discover something entirely new, which is a Liturgical Interior which I must say is a beautiful new term that you're going to hear a lot of around SOV2. Isn't it much more meaningful to say "we're going to be meeting in the Spirit of Vatican 2 Catholic Faith Community's Liturgical Interior" than something humdrum like "meet us at the church." This really gets to the bottom of things, doesn't it - since we are all church we need a new word for the building we used to call a "church." I think either "worship space" or "liturgical interior" is a great word to use, so you can count on us using it. We're nothing if not progressive!

Have a super Saturday night! Don't party too hard! You've got to be at the liturgical interior tomorrow!

-Dym Plarvik


paramedicgirl said...

I thought Dickie was still nailed to Carolina Canonball's wall over at the League of Warm & Fuzzy trads. They never shoulda let him go.

Anonymous said...
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