Thursday, February 7, 2008


I've been away for a while (I have been so selfish, neglecting my duties, but I know that Eternal, All-Permissive Gaia is OK with that....), and the MYN have shown their true colors in my absence!! Support Obama? OBAMA???? Well, I guess we know how they really feel now! They will only back their own kind! They have forgotten all the wonderful things Hilary did for them (or tried to do, she wanted to do so much but was thwarted by the Misogynist-ogarchy), and backed a....a...A DANGLER! How can they???

WIMMIN OF SOV2, UNITE! We must stand firm and see to it that HILARY IS TRIUMPHANT! We, combined with our systers at NOW, can bring about this Perfect Day to Come!


Father Tim said...

Syb Mad, try to be a little more church. After all, who are you to say that Obama isn't a woman? After all, Obama's plan is to "fix America and heal the world", and what's more feminine than that? You should try to see past Obama's girlish good looks and see the woman inside him/her.

Saergenta Macha Scheckliches, Deacon of Gaia said...

Syb Madison--

After Ms. Clintons enabling of her husbands exploitive and predatory activities--not to mention his non political activities, we will only vote with ballots of steel and flame.

Anonymous said...

Well, Madison (or is it "Madi-daughter"?), could you please explain what you mean by a "DANGLER"?

Are you making an inappropriate and sexist reference to male anatomy? Is it possible that you are exposing your own case of "Dangle Envy?"

Agent Jones

Syblyng Madison said...

Sargenta---of course you know that Hilary, with her well-known kindness & generosity of spirit, was mistaken in her attempt to help a myn. Haven't we all been there? Haven't we all, at one time or another, squandered our Gaia-given feminine stregnths on undeserving myn? We must forgive each other, and understand that only once we are in complete control of government will we be able to be happy. This is why we must vote for Hilary, no matter what.

Agent Jones, please remember that I am now a WomanDeacyn (in preparation to become a WomanPriest), and am now called Margaret Featherdancer.

"Dym" hurts me to see you regressing into patriarchal oppression. Please, please come to your senses, and be on the side of victory & righteousness! I know you understand that Hillary MUST be elected; resist your genetic disposition to oppress!

Saergenta Macha Schreckliches, Deacon of Gaia said...

Actually, Margaret,

No, I'v never done that--I am as pure as only a woman who knows her Gender and the love of systerhood can be!

No man has ever exploited or decieved me. (Unless you count the manager of my first job--cheapskate only paid $12.75/hr for his barristas, and no dental!Cheapskate!)

Anonymous said...


Admit it! the real reason u can't stadn to see Obama in the whytehouse is because he is a black man! You just do'nt want 1600 penn ave to become a pimped out crib or see some bling in the oral office! U know that folks of color have had it much worse than folks with vajayjays here in ameriKKKa! if u really cared bout justice and equality, youd let a balck man go first! don't be racist!

Bro. Jesse Sharpton