Friday, February 8, 2008

Sermon - 7th Day of Preparation - 73rd Year of Program Inception

Sisters and Brothers of the Vision and those SPs not yet closed off to the Vision:

Humanity is in essence of threefold character. There is as we perceive it an evolving, eternal and uncorruptable spirit within a temporary, corruptable body. And there is a third essence of which I must not speak here but which you of the vision are aware and no doubt understand that of which I speak.

The first two are marked by characteristic of change - the first formless, positive, and endless, the second essentially of form and within designated stages: nuclear-chemical, unicellular, cellular-colony, multicellular-singular operative, and so forth up to the present. The third, insiduous only and as you know characterized by the arrival. The operation of these three produces the effect called the machine of being.

It is the third which results in bigotry of all forms - bigotry of gender, race, class, species, economic systems, and sexual orientation, to name a few. The inevitable result of bigotry is war, ecological catastrophe, and the various world religions.

Yet, through confrontation of the third essence and careful and methodical study, HRW introduced real technologies that essentially allowed one to confront the third essence and penetrate into the gamma-plane. These technologies such as SpeechSym, ThoughtSym, ActSym, and FeelSym colectively called ControlSym become the core of the Church of Endology Technology program giving you the tools for the first time to make yourself clear. What HRW discovered and shared with us was what he knew was the hope for humanity and the next to last step towards UberGeist.

Yet we are confronted time and again by UnderGeist. The spirit of stagnation which dominates the SPs through fear.

Sisters and Brothers of the Vision, we are not here to put bandaids on world problems, but to solve world problems. Endology is EFFECTIVE CHANGE. Endology is LEADERSHIP. Endology is VISION. Endology is PROGRESS. Endology is FUTURE.

Therefore, The Church of Endology hereby endorses Hillary Clinton as the most effective agent of change for the nearby immediacy. However, Barrack Obama is okay too.

All of this, however, shall be rendered moot by the Intergalactic Vehicle Project.

H. Chelovell.


H. Robert Williams said...

This... is... nonsense...

The Intergalactic Vehicle project was a bizarre dream I had back in the 60's. The music, those lights... mushrooms... It can not be... someone must stop this imposter...

Need Curry... NO NOT TIM CURRY! I need that stuff that curry you eat...

Anonymous said...

H. Robert is one of the Undead! Stake him! Stake him, cut off his head, bury it under an altar, burn the heart and bury the body face down at a cross roads!