Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lost & Found

Hey! Has anybody seen my rainbow stole? The one with the vertical stripes, not the one with the horizontal stripes or the one that's kind of tie-dye. It's fairly important, so if you find it laying around, please give it back to me ASAP.

Everything else is fine, by the way. Sorry for not posting the homilies the last couple of weeks, but Lent really just gets me down - it's so depressing. Isn't this all supposed to be about Joy?

Peace out.


Job said...

Wasn't that the stole that you traded to Fr. Jacobs in Chattanooga for the earthen-ware vessels.

a former womyn memeber. said...

Didn't Fr. Kane take it when he borrowed the gold-plated cups from under your bed? I thought I saw him walk out with the stole and cups in hand.

Anonymous said...

Actually I had bartered some psycho-social club treatments to a rich lady who's crying, and she went and used it on her yacht as a flag or sumthin.

Parishoner at Agnus Dei Church said...

Yeah, I know what happened to it, we sent spies from our Church to take them and replace them with real vestements.