Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Re: Meme

Book: The Hunt for Red October (I do love a good spy novel)

Page 123, fifth sentence: The stewards came to attention before leaving.

Next three sentences: "Okay, let's get down to business." Ryan gulped down half a sandwich. "Admiral, this information is only twenty hours old."

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, Agent Smith.

I am indefinitely assigned to remain in a stakeout vehicle (the agency's RV). Consequently, I am not near any books, except for my
"Liturgy of the Hours" (volume II, for Lent and Easter).

Agent Jones

Nils Larssen said...

Book = A concise History of the Cathlic Church:

5th sentence:

Nicholas I (d. 867) utilized the Decretals i his effort to raise the papacy (sic) to the position of absolute control over the Church.

Next 3:

In unprecedented fasion, he proceeded against the archbishops who were the cheif opponets of his program, deposing the archbishops of Cologne and trier, and forcing the most powerful one of all, Hincar of Theims (d. 882) to yeild in a dispute over the right of his suffragens to appeal to Rome. But this movement toward an absolute papal monarchy over the Church was arrested when the papacy was caught in the general breakdown of civilization occuring in the latter part of the ninth century. With the dissolution of the Empire, the papacy (sic) fell under the control of the Roman nobility and then of the German Emperers, as we have seen.

This book was recomended to me by Dym Tim, who said it would explain what a bishop should be.

I don't tag anybody, because I count coup on people. *thunk* ow! uhnnn....