Friday, February 1, 2008

Secret Project

Sorry all that I haven't been around much lately. But I've been involved in a super secret project that I can't discuss right now. But I do have good news. As part of the project it was decided by the Gorebertines that I should be given a new title and office. As of now I am Wo/Monsygnor Bob. But you can still address me as Syb Bob. Mainly because we haven't figured out what a good term of address would be.

Dym Tym good luck in your election for Byshop. I have some contacts who may be able to help you out in your campaign. And speaking of those contacts we were discussing the other day when will it be that people understand that among the greatest rights left to obtain for all syblyngs is the absolute right of sex. Our sexuality defines so much of who we are. And we should not allow any of these paternalistic fascist types try to limit how that sexuality is expressed. How could even they not understand that sex is love and that love is good.


Father Tim said...

Hey Womsignor Bob! Good to hear from you! You're right about that sex thing, except that I should point out that one bad kind of sex is the kind that occurs in marriage when the man expects it. That's the same thing as domestic violence.

Also, is there any truth to these rumors that Fr Aspen is thinking about entering the race for Bishyp of Knoxville?

Enlightened Capaoral Dawn W. said...

Syb Bob--

About the rash...Dcn Careneham said to talk to you.

Syb Bob said...

Dym Tim I had Syb Joe commune with Dym Aspen and I am happy to announce you have the full support of Dym Aspen for Bishyp.