Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Now the secret can be told. We didn't want my position to cause any undue influence in Tennessee. Although we could have used it and I don't see the harm. But for the past few months I have been the official unofficial adviser to the Obama campaign on the "Catho-American" front.

Because of our astounding victories last night in the face of the organized forces that shall remain nameless I, in my new office as Wo/monsignor, do hearby declare today a day of feasting and rejoicing. And I grant an "indulgence" to everyone who voted for Obama yesterday. (Hope I'm doing this right Dym Tim.) So eat vegan cheese and nuts to your hearts content, or even cooked foods. And I think for this one time we might even allow the consumption of animal products. It is a feast day afterall. And crank up the Joan Baez. But this is nothing like the partying we'll have in November.


technology freak said...

Where does Obama stand on wearing berets? Has he put on a beret recently? What is his position on the existence of the Quantum Beings? Has he met with a representative of the Church of Endology?

These are the critical questions that must be addressed.

An anonymous concerned citizen.

Father Tim said...

Hey Syb Bob! It's super that you're on the Obama team! We all did our part here in Tennessee, but we couldn't swing the state for The Big O.

I can't believe how ass-backward this state is. Would you believe that they wouldn't let any of my houseplants vote? I brought a potted ficus, three Boston ferns, and an azalea to the polls and they said that plants can't vote. I used to cast votes for my houseplants all the time back in Boston.

Peace out!

Syb Bob said...

Dym Tim, I wish I could say I was surprised at this blatant act of voter suppression. Unfortunately the South has a long history of this sort of illegal and immoral activity. Not like Chicago where I grew up where you were allowed to vote as many times as you wanted.