Saturday, February 9, 2008

Curt Kane Alert

I just got a very credible alert from one of my sources that the man who calls himself Curt Kane and has masqueraded as a priest is on his way to Knoxville. He may be here around Easter time. I would presume that he may be trying to meet up with Dr. al-Fakkir or the Palestinian refugees in the parking lot to try to build up another army.

Please, if you see him, do not attempt to make contact. He is considered armed and very dangerous--call me at my office immediately.

Agent Smith


Fr. Adolf Van Helsing, SJ, PnD. D.Div. PhD. MCSW said...

Agent Smith,

I am interested in a transient phenomena that has manifested itself at SOV2.

An individual called, I think, Pea Vee is apparantly manifesting some strange behaviors and personalitiy changes.

We have been alerted that he is actaully an Undead named H. Robert. However, this entity is craving curry, which is hitherto unkown in the undead, their usual cravings being blood (vampyrs), brains/fleash (zombies), or Michelle Pfeiffer (werewolves). This may be a rare case of ghostly possesion.

In any event, as part of my research for my habiliment in Metanormal studies I would like to investigate. However, the department of cognitive studies thinks it may be a new form of "prionic personality transference" consequent to cannibalism.

So, I and my collegue, Sarah Doubt-Thomas PhD, D.Sc, MBA, CMT are coming into town tomarrow--would you know where we can find this person?

And BTW--our department of Aero-Space Studies is sending MAJ Marjory Reactionist USAF to town as well, because of the Private Sector Space Ship programme we've heard of in Knoxville.

Anonymous said...

Agent Smith,

Did you say, "Kane," or "McCain"?

Agent Jones

Agent Smith said...

Fr. Helsing,

I believe that you can still find H. Robert/Pee Vee around the rectory at the SOV2 parish

Agent Smith