Friday, February 1, 2008

Obama for President!

Barack Obama Logo 

Hey everybody!  Well, it's official!  SOV2 officially endorses Barack Obama to be the next President.  He's totally in-line with our views:
  • Pro-Choice
  • Anti-Death Penalty
  • Anti-Military
  • Anti-War
  • Pro-Poor
  • Pro-Environment
  • Pro-Womyn's Ordination
  • Pro-Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Neuter, Transgender, Androgynous
  • Pro-Tax
  • Anti-Big Business
  • Anti-Oil
  • Pro-Gay Marriage
  • Pro-Stem Cell Research
  • Anti-School of the Americas
  • Anti-Nuclear Energy
  • Pro-Gore
  • Pro-Kennedy
In short, even though he's a muslim, he might as well be a Thinking Catholic!


Anonymous said...

Savonarola for prez!
Plarvik for Bishop!
Dcn. Carneham for goddess!
Syb bob needs to go home.

Rae said...

Dym Tim, may I tag you for a book meme? (It's another chance to impress the voters!)

Anonymous said...

"SOV2 officially endorses Barack Obama"

Dym-bulb Tim, you'll not find that name on the ballot. You will find "Barak" Hussein Obama, a fine American name, eh? (Oh, and the "Obama" is not Irish.)

Father Tim said...

Anonymous, SOV2 is celebrating diversity with our endorsement! Don't you know that when Jesus comes again he will be a black muslim woman? You should try to be more church.

Peace Out!

Anonymous said...

That's fyne, but Syb Bob just ain't right. I think I saw him downtown in a miniskirt and tank top.

Deacon Bernadette Carnahan said...

When Jesus comes back, he will be three months early, hooked on crack.

Syb Bob said...

I've never worn a miniskirt. Not that there would be anything wrong with it if I did. I haven't even been around Knoxville lately. Hopefully soon I'll be able to tell everyone about the Secret Project.