Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hey! I'm in Therapy!

Hey Everybody!

Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while. Basically I've been in jail. Anyway, jail is a lot cooler than I thought because they have a lot of classes I can take and stuff. Like I am taking interior design which is going to help me really focus on doing stuff for whatever church I am going to join when I get out.

Also you would not believe how many Barack Obama supporters there are in jail. I mean, practically everybody except the people who were for Ralph Nader. My mom was for Ralph Nader but I said to her that Obama is ten times better than Ralph Nader because Obama knows all about Liberation Theology which I am really big on.

Anyway I was going to say that another really cool thing about jail is I get free therapy. I have this doctor named Frank Peckscott. I am supposed to call him Frank. Anyway, he said I was suffering from guilt. He said that guilt is caused by my parents yelling at me when I was a kid. He said that when parents yell at kids they get low self-esteem and so what I have is low self-esteem and so I should work on feeling better about myself.

Frank told me that if I feel people have been hurt me or something what I need to do is get IN THEIR FACE and tell them that they BETTER APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW! So. I haven't seen Father Tim for a while but if I do, I am going to get in his FACE right away. Also the person I really think should apologize right away is TODD TURK. And also I think H. Robert Williams owes me big time.

Now that Barack Obama is president (YES!) I am really thinking my self-esteem is going to be a lot better.


MI Comrade said...

Watch lots of Oprah! I heard she likes to help self-esteem! There's lots of books, too!

You make jail sound so not-scary I don't think I'll be afraid to be sent there after some friends of mine and I protest at a church this weekend for California not allowing non-heterosexuals to marry! Those plans are supposed to be secret, though, so shhh! Don't tell your cellmate!

Che' Lovell said...


I like Oprah because when it comes to religion she knows a lot and can teach the bishops and people like that what God is really all about.

But what's really important about jail I found out is basically make sure your dad knows the governor of the state you live in because my dad who I don't want to name because basically he is really rich and stuff and every time I tell people who he is all sorts of people start asking me for money and things.

But I am mad at the church because I thought there was supposed to be a preferential option for gay people.

Also I am basically into non-violent protetsts like the one where everybody lays down on the ground and pretends to be dead. I teach a class here at jail on pretending to be dead.

I will talk more about my ideas for reforming the prison system maybe.